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A members report on molten metal clothing

After attending the excellent SHAD event at PMT Industries back in October we took the decision to replace all of our caster’s PPE with MARLAN SX that was demonstrated on the day. This decision has been proved a wise one following a recent incident where a ruptured cooling line on one of our induction furnaces caused a significant molten metal eruption that sprayed material (Molten Stainless Steel) onto an employee in the vicinity. The employee concerned emerged totally unscathed, we are convinced that had this employee been wearing the original PPE the outcome and subsequent consequences would have been grave. A further positive was that the MARLAN SX PPE was also left virtually unscathed and is still fit for purpose (Very impressive).

All in all I believe this incident clearly demonstrates the benefits of attending events such as SHAD and that proactive actions often result in positive outcomes.