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HSE / CMF Molten Metal Safety Alert

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are investigating a number of molten metal/moisture explosions that have occurred in UK foundries in the past twelve months.  Currently there are four active investigations underway. The Cast Metals Federation, following the latest HSE CHASAC meeting in March 2021, have produced with consent, the attached alert. The issue and risk of a molten metal/moisture explosion is well known within the castings industry and is something that all foundries should be keenly aware of and ...
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SHIFT welcomes its first new member of 2021

The SHIFT initiative is delighted to welcome a new member to the ever growing numbers of UK foundries who are experiencing the benefits of being involved with one of the most proactive industry led initiatives for improving safety performance and reducing ill-health in the workplace. Micron Alloys Ltd are an independent, privately owned steel foundry, situated in the heart of the Black Country, producing castings in self setting sand moulds. We welcome them to the initiative and look forward to ...
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The Health and Safety Executive are still busy tackling industry issues

Employees exposure to workplace noise, vibration, dusts and fumes are still significant issues being found by the HSE during their visits to metals sector businesses.  Besides these, there is the ubiquitous matter of machinery guarding.  All of these should have been addressed by industry by now, given that regulation has been in place for at least 15 years, but HSE reports indicate that this not the case. Noise and Vibration - there are obligations under both the Noise at Work ...
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HSE Supports SHIFT with member webinars

December 2020, saw an excellent presentation from Chris Steel, Noise and Vibration Specialist, Health and Safety Executive, on the management of vibration in the workplace.  The feedback from the audience was excellent with delegates reporting that it was one of the best and most engaging presentations on the topic they had heard in a long while.  It certainly generated a lot of questions that Chris took the time to answer, which was greatly appreciated. In March 2021, the topic will ...
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Deep dives possible as the Foundry Safety Initiative SHIFTs online

The SHIFT initiative, which aims to share knowledge and best practice in health and safety amongst its foundry industry members, quickly switched to on-line meetings last year. Whist it is of course regrettable that physical meetings are not possible, the organisers recognised that webinars were the way forward and offer a valuable means to help share best practice and provide new/refreshed information to members. Since October 2020, five webinars have been held.  Four have focussed on the topic of COSHH ...
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