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Latest Prosecutions of UK Foundries by the HSE

There have been three prosecutions to date this year of UK foundries, the details of which are shared below.  It is important to remember that the press releases from the HSE will never speak of any good actions taken by the businesses but will only refer to the matters of individual failings that have resulted in court action being taken.  Furthermore, it is important to appreciate that any journalists from local newspapers can attend court hearings and therefore further details ...
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HSE visits to UK foundries to increase throughout 2023

Following the resulting levels of enforcement issued against UK foundries as a result of their silica campaign visits which ran from October 2022 until present, at the CHASAC (Castings Health and Safety Advisory Committee) meeting in January, the HSE have undertaken a review of the outcomes.  Given the high levels of enforcement issued both for control of silica, dusts fumes and vapours plus safety at work issues, the HSE have decided that there will be a much larger and broader ...
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Updates to SHIFT website

The SHIFT website has been updated today, 17th February 2023. Changes include: the addition of information detailing the revised COSHH essentials documents, which can be found on the guidance page an update on the enforcement actions raised against foundries so far in the current HSE 2022/23 operational year new SHIFT members Further changes will be appearing over the next few weeks, so remember to keep checking in for the latest information ...
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HSE silica campaign is impacting on UK foundries

In October 2022 the HSE started their latest proactive inspection campaign looking at users of silica.  This campaign includes foundries.  However, in additional to the control of silica on site inspectors are also reviewing metal fume and also dusts.  The seven key steps in producing castings are being inspected. Between the start of October 2022 and the end of  December a number of foundries have been visited as part of this campaign.   SHIFT is able here to provide an update ...
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HSE / CMF Molten Metal Safety Alert

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are investigating a number of molten metal/moisture explosions that have occurred in UK foundries in the past twelve months.  Currently there are four active investigations underway. The Cast Metals Federation, following the latest HSE CHASAC meeting in March 2021, have produced with consent, the attached alert. The issue and risk of a molten metal/moisture explosion is well known within the castings industry and is something that all foundries should be keenly aware of and ...
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