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CMF publishes Covid-19 business support document

The Cast Metals Federation has been working behind the scenes with its members, taking guidance from official UK sources including UK government webpages, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Public Health England and others, to produce a guidance document for the UK foundry industry, to help it adapt and continue to work safely during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The UK industry supports many sectors and organisations identified as being of vital importance to the UK from medical equipment including ventilators for hospitals, emergency transport systems, transport, food preparation and delivery and many more besides.

It is a manufacturing sector that has needed to keep going where it could to ensure the supply of vital components to the above and has therefore taken a lot of actions to enable it to do so.

This document is the compilation of the knowledge and experience of the industry, CMF and SHIFT members as well as the official guidance on operating during the pandemic.

Useful to all UK foundries, their suppliers, contractors and others, this is the latest version of the document. It is free to  download.  We hope you find the document to be of use, but it is important to note, that the direct responsibility for actions to keep everyone safe, always remains with the individual duty holder.

We continue to monitor changes in guidance and increases in knowledge and will make further revisions as and when necessary and will continue to post them on the site.