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Behavioural Change

Welcome to the downloads for the newest Programme CHASAC (Castings Health and Safety Advisory Committee) is currently undertaking.
” Housekeeping – Am I Bothered? “.

All industrial activities share one common theme which can significantly impact upon the long term health and the immediate safety of employees, that being housekeeping.

Every year countless accidents and injuries occur as a result of poor housekeeping.  Slips and trips, dust build up, blind spots when moving large articles, contact with sharp edges on incorrectly stored items, fires etc. are all attributable to poor housekeeping.

Therefore starting in 2015 changing peoples view of housekeeping and its importance to good health, safety and production is the theme of the latest work being undertaken, with the help and support of psychologists from the HSE and working with SHIFT.

These posters are designed to be printed off and placed around site to encourage employees and contractors on site to think about how they are working and what they are doing.

The posters can be downloaded and printed off at no cost and can be issued either to employees directly, placed on notice boards around shop floor areas and offices or can be incorporated into training and awareness sessions provided by employers.  They can also be copied to intranet systems for use internally.