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Can we put a cost on getting health and safety wrong? – We can give it a good go!

People say you can’t truly understand the costs of doing health and safety versus not doing it. This may be true, it may not be.  There are many intangible effects that are hard to quantify, but somethings such as less sickness absence, less accidents resulting in time

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Welding fume question and answer session with the HSE

As part of the record equalling SHIFT forum held in early July 2019, the HSE provided three key people involved in the new work on tackling welding fume to come along and offer delegates an almost unique open question and answer session related directly to the change

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Dedicated visits to foundries as part of the HSE 2019/20 operational plan

The UK government directs what needs to be done to help keep people safe and healthy. Hence in the UK we have our regulator, the Health & Safety Executive. As part of this the HSE create an overall strategy for helping to improve health and safety in

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SHIFTing Health & Safety with Record Attendance

A record equalling 91 delegates attended the July 2019 SHIFT forum, which focussed on welding fume and how to handle the risk from exposure to fumes and dust in the workplace. Due to the importance of the topic, CMF opened the event up to non-SHIFT members and

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